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Huntley Hills Swim & Tennis Club is a private organization that has proudly served the Huntley Hills community and surrounding neighborhoods since 1959.  We offer year-round tennis and facility rentals for parties and meetings. Swimming is available during the summer months. We provide a fun, safe and relaxed swim and tennis experience to our members and their guests. This year we are especially excited to announce the completion of our new Club house and the addition of several surrounding buildings that will greatly enhance the needs of our members. 

The Club is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are also members and are governed by the Club By-Laws. Our Club Officers and Chairpersons are as follows: 

    • President: Meghan Harris Tracy (Class B)
    • Vice President: Ben Andrews (Class B)
    • Treasurer: Van Pappas (Class B)
    • Secretary: Aida Najarian (Class A)
    • Communications – Ben Andrews (Class A)
    • Grounds –  Zach Johnson (Class A)
    • Facilities/Maintenance – TBD (Class B)
    • Finances/Reporting – Van Pappas (Class B)
    • Membership – Aida Najarian (Class A)
    • Pool Operations – Meghan Harris Tracy (Class B)
    • Rentals – Erin Wilson (Class A)
    • Swim Team – Nick Guerrero (Class B). 
      • Operations chairpersons: Beth Zubia and Caryn Briggs
      • Sponsorships chairperson: Allison Pelletieri
    • Social –  Jack Hudnall (Class A)
    • Tennis - Amber Schwartz, Dave Carter (Class A)
    • Eric Maust (Class B)

Members of the Board of Directors are elected for two year terms.  Class A director terms expire on odd numbered years and Class B director terms expire on even numbered years.

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Our address is: 2032 Plantation Lane, Chamblee, GA 30341

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