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For adult members of the Club we offer swim-at-your-own-risk (NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY) in the mornings throughout the week - please see our pool hours for details. There is no SAYOR on Sunday mornings as we need to allow time for the water to fully settle so our lifeguards can properly clean and vacuum the pool.

This swim time is for adult members only. There will be NO swim-at-your-own-risk hours when the swim team is using the pool. 

  • Swimmers and anyone inside of the pool fence must be 18 years of age or older, a club member AND signed up for SAYOR 
  • The diving board is off limits and no diving from the side of the pool
  • No alcohol, no parties & no music 
  • Leave the pool and area exactly as you found them
  • Finish swimming and exit the gate by the designated closing time
  • It is highly recommended that you swim with another adult member

Any violations of the following rules will result in:

  • Expulsion from the pool and prosecution if you refuse to comply
  • Loss of swim-at-your-own-risk privileges
  • A second violation of the rules will result in complete loss of pool privileges

Interested? Please read and complete the SAYOR rules and waiver form and you will be contacted soon after.

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