Top Reasons to Join

  1. This summer our brand new clubhouse facility will be open late at night and open early in the mornings.
  2. We have swim-at-your-own risk hours for adults every morning, all summer long.
  3. We have cookouts/dinners every Friday night until July 4th. It’s a great time to socialize...and not have to cook dinner. Best deal in town! You can bring your own adult beverages to the pool and tennis courts.
  4. You can also use the grills anytime you want. And we have a kitchen, refrigerator/freezer, microwave and toaster oven for members to use.
  5. Our HAMMERHEAD Swim Team is one of the best physically and socially rewarding activities you can possibly find to occupy children during the long, lazy days of summer. Plus we offer very affordable swim/tennis camps for kids.
  6. Our social events (movie nights, game nights, pot-luck dinners, adult only nights, etc) offer a great, fun, safe way to spend your weekends. We also have terrific parties - especially for July 4th!! All of it is free for members and provides an added value that is hard to find anywhere else.
  7. Our communications team keeps you connected and in the loop all summer long. Check out our Facebook page.
  8. Got kids? Last year we had over 300 kids as members!  Most of our kids feed into Chamblee Middle/High and it's a great place for everyone to make life-long friends.
  9. No kids? No problem. We have adult only parties. And lots of single, couple and senior members. Need a fun place to host a party? Contact us about renting the new clubhouse. 
You’ll have to join us and discover all the other reasons for yourself!

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