About Us

Huntley Hills Swim & Tennis Club is a private organization that has proudly served the Huntley Hills community and surrounding neighborhoods since 1959.  We offer year-round tennis and facility rentals for parties and meetings. Swimming is available during the summer months. We provide a fun, safe and relaxed swim and tennis experience to our members and their guests. 

The Club is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are also members and are governed by the Club By-Laws. Our Club Officers and Chairpersons are as follows: 

    • President: Meghan Harris Tracy (Class B)
    • Vice President: Ben Andrews (Class B)
    • Treasurer: Van Pappas (Class B)
    • Secretary: Aida Najarian (Class A)
    • Communications – Ben Andrews (Class A)
    • Grounds –  Zach Johnson (Class A)
    • Facilities/Maintenance – TBD (Class B)
    • Finances/Reporting – Van Pappas (Class B)
    • Membership – Aida Najarian (Class A)
    • Pool Operations – Meghan Harris Tracy (Class B)
    • Rentals – Erin Wilson (Class A)
    • Swim Team – Nick Guerrero (Class B). 
      • Operations chairpersons: Beth Zubia and Caryn Briggs
      • Sponsorships chairperson: Allison Pelletieri
    • Social –  Jack Hudnall (Class A)
    • Tennis - Amber Schwartz, Dave Carter (Class A)
    • Eric Maust (Class B)

Members of the Board of Directors are elected for two year terms.  Class A director terms expire on odd numbered years and Class B director terms expire on even numbered years.

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Our address is: 2032 Plantation Lane, Chamblee, GA 30341

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