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HuntleyHillsHammerheadsLogoWithOutline1The Huntley Hills Hammerhead Swim Team is the youth summer league swim team for the Huntley Hills Swim & Tennis Club in Chamblee, Georgia.  No one can state definitively, when the team was founded, but there are several of today's moms & dads who swam on this team as children.  Therefore, it's been around longer that anyone is willing to admit to.

The mission of the swim team is to provide children with a fun and exciting introduction to the sport of swimming.  Swimming is a great activity because it is something that people can do for a lifetime, even at times when walking and running are no longer possible.  Swimming is unique as it is one of the only aerobic exercises one can do without harsh impact to the skeletal system.  Regardless of body type and physical fitness, anyone can become a swimmer.  That's why the Hammerheads welcome all kids and all abilities.

Being on the Hammerhead swim team means that swimming is not just exercise, it's also a sport and, therefore, competition plays a big part.  Ribbons are awarded for order of finish and points are earned for the team.  But winning is secondary to having fun, working hard, giving your best, encouraging others and showing good sportsmanship.

The Hammerhead Swim Team uses a dedicated swim team management website.  This site contains the most up to date information on the swim team including the meet schedules, swimmer registration, news, and many other important items.  The swim team pages on this website are intended for basic general information.  If you would like more details information about  the Hammerhead Swim Team please visit the Hammerhead Swim Team portal.

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